Extending mu4e to support many offlineimap accounts

As most of you will know by entering about any page in this website, I use Emacs regularly. In the last month I succeeded at setting up offlineimap + mu4e in my Debian laptop, so I no longer had to rely on getting home to use Thunderbird to read all my email in one place. And it had a bonus: mu4e is blazingly fast. Two keystrokes can get me to another account folder in a split second, and I keep all my shortcuts and text editing power of Emacs. Pressing M-q (fill-column) I can adjust my paragraphs width, and s (mu4e-headers-search) will filter all my emails by an expression immediately.

With this, the one and only reason why I still have Windows in my home computer is games. And even for that, Linux is incredibly improving.

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Motivation vs Discipline

I often hear people say "I wish I had the motivation to do all the things I want to do". I can't help but think "bullshit!".

Motivation is not that important, it's a crutch to help us get started doing things. It fades away early in our work, and we must learn to get things done when we are not motivated.

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This is how I'm born

This is the first of (I hope) many posts in this blog. I plan to write particularly about programming and college, but I'd love to share my thoughts about nearly any topic, including philosophy, ethics, art, videogames, politics, history... I just feel curiosity about everything, and I enjoy learning. I hope this blog can be my tool to enhance my learning experience.

Why a blog?

I already read many blogs periodically, it's a format I am familiar with, and it will allow me to write at my own pace, doing it when I feel like, without any obligation, but with commitment.

Categories (soon to be added) are also fantastic to organize content. They will let me know too which topics I write more often about, so I know I am more confident writing about those (and should start acquiring confidence reading about the other ones). This is the main goal of all this project: learning. If I can learn about myself or my learning habits, it will be a success. Quite a selfish goal right? Well I also hope people reading this blog will get something out of it, I really hope so.

What else is this web about?

There are 3 other sections in this web:

  1. Code

    I will upload code snippets and little projects, HTML5 games and experiments and JavaScript tools. It is also a good repository (besides Github) to show my work to possible employers and coworkers.

  2. Contact

    Obviously, you can use this section to contact me regarding any topic, feedback from the blog, questions about a given post, a job opportunity... A quote is shown here, so you can be inspired while you write your message (thank me later).

  3. About

    Here is my basic personal information. I will upload a picture of myself so you can know better who is writing all this non-sense.

Contact me if you want to give me feedback. I will add comments soon ;)